Virtual Tour Software by Numbers

When looking at how Virtual Tour platforms are designed, processed, and delivered, there are such a wide range of results going off of opinion alone will not bring you to the right conclusion on which platform to use. Time, Cost, and Ease of use are great starting points but barely scratch the surface when deciding which platform to base your business services from. To start at the very beginning, a basic understanding of various virtual tour alignment methods and their respective patent holders is helpful.

  • Manhattan Geometry such as Cupix (US Patents: US7155698B1,
  • Iterative Closest Point algorithm used in Google Street View (US
  • Inverse Graphic Capture Systems found in Matterport (US Patents: US10529141B2, US20190014310A1)

1. Time Savings

Nobody wants to waste hours moderating a tour. If the time to moderate a tour will never be offset in cost by a client, then your time is your most valuable resource. This means that any tour that auto-aligns panos for your offers tremendous cost-saving benefits in a time factor alone. We can break virtual tour time down into three important categories: Capturing, Processing, and Moderating.

Constant Capture Platforms

2. Cost

There is no such thing as a free virtual tour. You can come close, but equiptment and software costs will always be a factor.

Cost Chart

3. Measurement Accuracy Benefits

One of the biggest benefits you can reap from a well done virtual tour is an accurate set of measurements from an accurate alignment process. Without an alignment process in place, you are left with tours that aren’t scalable or measurable. This is a big differentiator between platforms as very few have the capabilities to generate a floor plan, and fewer still to scale that floorplan to a size that is over 100,000 sq ft. As more and more software platforms incorporate the ability to embed a Virtual Tour API, offering advanced features becomes a necessity to the long-term survival of the platform. This is where a handful out of the hundreds of Virtual Tour platforms really deliver on results. The field results below show that Cupix and Matterport fall within 1% accuracy of hand measurements AND Lidar measurements. Your virtual tour has gone from a piece of pure content marketing to a workflow critical asset. (cubicasa, immoviewer)

Measuremet Data Provided by Visualization Technology Services

4. Tour Results

Clients care very little about how easy or hard it is to navigate the platform you choose to work in. To them, all that matters are results that impress and to that end

Google Street View Publishable

5. Scalability

API Enabled List

6. Privacy Concerns

When creating tours for Banks, Governement offices, or for risk management there will always be a privacy concern. Any tour provider that creates a public URL as a deliverable opens it up to a host of security risks. This means that tours that can be created offline and executed offline offer these industries much needed security benefits. The list below shos Virtual Tour platforms that offer self-hosting executables and client-side tour moderation.

Private Hosting

7. Ease of Platform Use

Ben Claremont Video Stats

8. Hardware Agnostic

Table on # of Devices supported

9. Patented Technology

List of Providers with Approved Patents

Cinci360 Attends the Midwest Construction Summit

Thanks to the generous donation from WEB ventures, Cinci360 had the opportunity to attend the annual Ohio Construction Summit hosted at UC Kingsgate Hotel. This venue provided an opportunity for fellow minority and women-owned businesses to network with major metro-area construction and architecture firms.

Thank you to everyone who enabled this tremendous opportunity for companies looking to grow their project base across the region.

Cinci360 Demos VR at Hyde Park School

Cinci360 was recently given the opportunity to demonstrate 3D capture capabilities to a group of Hyde Park School students as part of their continued learning VR elective. During the demonstration, the fifth and sixth graders were shown how to use a Matterport camera to capture both 360 and 3D data, as well as how to process and share that data in virtual reality. Hyde Park School recently won a grant for several VR goggles that utilize for student projects and sharing.

Cinci360 will return in one month to review student’s projects captured with a Ricoh Theta Z, as well as share additional 360 moments captured around Cincinnati.

Cospaces.IO VR Share

Cinci360 Hosting Google Digital Tools Livestream at 1628 LTD.

Cinci360 will host a FREE Grow with Google livestream covering Google Digital Tools on July 17th 2019 at 1628ltd. The Cinci360 Grow with Google partnership has offered many benefits to the entrepreneurial community, from workshops, to Google Schwag, to expedited business verification. Cinci360 has enjoyed partnering with 1628 to host these free one-hour community events, and a new series of workshops has just been released. The ten new Grow with Google Workshops for 2019 are:

  1. Get Your Business Online – Learn about Google My Business, a free tool for local businesses who want to connect with customers on Google Search and Maps. Get hands-on help in creating or updating your business profile or a simple website.
  2. Reach Customers Online with Google – Learn how customers find your business online and how to promote your business using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Smart Campaigns in Google Ads.
  3. Using Data to Drive Business Growth – Learn best practices and analyze trends about how customers engage with your business online, then turn these insights into well-informed, actionable decisions.
  4. Power Your Job Search with Google Tools – Discover new job opportunities using Google Search, and learn how to organize and enhance your job search experience using G Suite tools.
  5. Digital Skills for Everyday Tasks – Learn how to manage work and life tasks more effectively using Google tools. Whether you want to build a budget, create a meeting agenda or organize your priorities, these best practices will boost your productivity.
  6. Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs – Discover how to create a collaborative environment where everyone is responsible for design. You will go through design challenges and sprints that can be incorporated into any workplace or startup, to unlock creativity and innovative thinking.
  7. Coach Your Team to Success – Understand the attributes and behaviors that make the best managers. Learn, practice, and build your skills as a coach for your team. Provide meaningful and developmental feedback to your team to maximize their performance and development.
  8. Ace Your School Presentation – In this workshop, middle and high school students will learn how to build a presentation to effectively communicate their research and passion about a topic using Google Slides.
  9. Coding for Kids – If you work with students or educators interested in learning the basics of computer coding using Scratch, check out this presentation deck featuring Google’s CS First curriculum. Please note that this presentation requires learners to have access to a computer to complete the activities.
  10. Ten ways to Improve your Search Presence – Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization, what key areas your business should cover, possible missteps, and the tools you need to succeed.

Cinci360 Presents to the University of Cincinnati in Neuroscience Building

Cinci360 recently had the privileged of being the guest speaker at the University of Cincinnati Health supplier diversity meeting in the new Neuroscience building. The topics covered included 3D scanning for construction, marketing, and insurance. Case studies were shared that covered projects with 84.51, Lithco Restoration, and Cartridge Brewery, as well as future projects and AI image recognition. Approximately 40 vendors were in attendance, including Messer and FOX construction, and several architectural and janitorial vendors. UC Health has an annual patient revenue of $1 Billion, making it the second largest medical system in Ohio next to Wexner Medical System in Columbus.