Digital Twin Technology: Combining 3D Data and Industry Insights for Rapid Growth

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Digital Twin Technology Terminology

A digital twin can best be described as a accurate virtual representation of any real-world space, and the integration of data shared between the two to optimize performance. This representation can be provided in a wide number of formats, with the most common format now being accessibility through a browser utilizing webGL

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Digital Twin Technology Industry Use Cases

The first industry to fully embrace Digital Twin technology was the Architecture, Engineering, & Construction industry. Utilizing digital replicas of real-world construction zones enables engineers to create

Accuracy plays a critical role when utilizing digital twin technology for Industrial Manufacturing. The more data that is collected over time, the higher the accuracy of the digital twin, and models are being utilized across every industry to help engineer better systems in companies like GE, Siemens, and Eaton.

Metrology scanning is the process of creating a highly accurate digital twin for the manufacturing industry. Many plant floors own and even manufacture their own scanners. For this reason Metrology scanning equipment is not extensively covered in this analysis.

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Creating Planograms for large chain retail has been Tracy Wiedmeyer’s goal at InContext solutions for the better part of ten years. Planograms are critical for visual product placement and customer experience improvement. More recently, planograms can train AI and invite shoppers into an interactive shopping experience thanks to advancements in virtual tour platforms. Companies like Walmart, Crate & Barrel, and World Market are catching on and offering virtual shopping experiences similar to a staged home in real estate.

It’s not uncommon for entire product lines to now include 3D models, and even an app allowing you to place the inventory accurately in your home through Augmented Reality.

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Digital Twin Technology Applications: When Accuracy Matters

Deciding on a Digital Twin platform can be challenging. With a wide range of pricing models, varying deliverables, and accuracy, it helps to have someone provide critical data ahead of time. Cinci360 has been tracking Digital Twin Technology platforms for several years, and is happy to share a dataset surrounding the hosting company, measurability, and popularity. Ben Claremount also sums up each platform’s usability is this excellent Youtube review. My personal recommendation is to always utilize the best platform suited for the industry you are servicing.

Virtual Tour SoftwareHQMeasurableAlexa Rank 1/20/21
http://kuula.coSanta Monican46,065
http://3dvista.comGranada, ESy59,227  64,621 n100,474
http://cloudpano.comHoustonn102,339 Dev Integration102,808  115,365,829,338
http://ggnome.comUKn140,084 Franciscon141,803
http://panoskin.comChicagon167,519 Franciscon170,180
http://theasys.ioDeleware, Italyn282,900,658
http://marzipano.networdpress360386,948,535,023 n489,533 y558,281,442,684  877,171  889,698
http://orbix360.comBrooklyn NYn1,064,225
http://canvasio3d.comwordpress3Dn1,616,157  1,776,959,797,545  3,142,552,096,789,294,945, QC6,607,762  9,897,521

Digital Twin Hardware: Lidar vs Orthomosaic Cost Benefit Analysis

When selecting equipment for a particular project, range and accuracy for the project are all important factors. For that reason, an experienced Reality Capture service provider will have a wide range of equipment in their inventory, ready to match the right hardware to the right desired Digital Twin deliverable. Below is a list of leading Lidar and Orthomosaic hardware. You can quickly see the difference in range, accuracy, and cost. Additionally, I recommend following 360 Rumors to stay on top of the latest equipment and their technical specifications for client projects.

 Capture HardwareSpecific Product Cost  Range Accuracy
Reality Capture Systemshttp://faro.comFocus350 $      45,000 350m <1cm on velodyne) $      70,000 300m 1cm on faro) 350m 
http://leica.comBLK360 $      18,000 60m 1cm for updates tbd  tbd  tbd on faro) 350m 
http://leica.comBLK Go $      60,000 60m 6-15mm (velodyne) $      35,000350m1cm on velodyne) $      45,000350m5cm on velodyne) $      35,000 300m 5cm
Lidar Pucks   200m $           350 6m  $        8,000 300m 1cm  $      16,000 100m ±2 cm  $           320 30m  $           600 250m 2cm
Photogrammetry & Structure Light Modeling $           20010m5mm
http://matterport.comPro2 (built on D435i) $        4,500 10m 5cm Thermal imaging $           25030mn/a Theta Z1 or eq. $        1,000 6m 1in
Apple Ipad/Iphone Pro w/ Lidar12Pro Models $        1,200 6m  
NEW Lidar   

Digital Twin Technology Global Service Providers

After familiarizing yourself with Digital Twin Technology, how it can benefit your industry, what the costs are, and who the key hardware manufacturers are, lets take a look at service providers around the globe. When it comes to selecting an experienced service provider, a website with high domain authority and rank can help you determine the level of previous work experience. Keep in mind not all service providers have the same equipment and available staff. I have worked personally with several providers on this list, and can attest that they are all excellent business owners and entrepreneurs. If you can’t find a service provider in your area, I recommend posting a job request on the Facebook 3D Scanners User Group.

DomainLocationLidarAlexa Rank 3/1/21Domain Authority
http://craigsauer3d.comCAn2,780,44261  254,70860
http://scan.casaMXnN/A49 n1,560,62149 n340,00848 y1,418,76347 n517,56746 n348,66045,37243 n1,614,39742
http://aftertecai.comCAn2,758,07041 n4,597,80441
http://stepbystep3d.comNVn4,344,68339  2,730,64538
http://lmp360media.comAZ 6,604,17737  4,583,92036  1,144,69535  N/A34  1,405,78834
http://ovalroomgroup.comOHy6,579,78331  7,552,53830  N/A30  1,718,70430  N/A29  3,886,78628
http://3dreservices.comWA N/A26
http://virtuallythere.mediaNF N/A22  N/A20
http://miro3d.comTX 3,842,0004 N/A4
http://firstlook3dimaging.comFL N/A3
http://threesixtypro.comOH 7,146,6323
http://truly360.comFL N/A3
http://creative.aeroAU N/A2
http://northerncolorado3d.comCO N/A2
http://roboimg.comPA N/A2
http://virtualpro.nzNZ 4,544,7462
http://www.3Dwalkmethru.comFL N/A1 N/A1


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