Bell Event Centre

Cincinnati, OH 45202

About the Bell Event Centre in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Bell Event Centre is located in St. Paul’s Church in the heart of Pendleton, downtown Cincinnati. The church was erected in 1847, but was mostly destroyed in a fire in 1899. The all-brick romanesque structure saw membership decline through the 1970s and was eventually sold to Christy Cafeo in 2008.Β  The Virtual Tour allows customers to view the space from anywhere in the world and get a feel for what their event could look like. The 3D Model gives an immersive experience, complete with lighting and furniture options to help plan their event. The digital marketing team at the Bell Event Centre uses these tools to reach potential customers who may not be familiar with the physical space. As a result, the Virtual Tour and 3D Model have been essential in driving sales and increasing awareness of the Bell Event Centre.

About Cinci360

Cinci360 was founded in 2017 by Aubrey Backscheider to help small businesses gain a better online presence through the use of eCommerce, search engine optimization, and 3D digital marketing. It has always used Reality Capture as a story-telling immersive medium to enhance online presence, as well as create accurate floor plans and Revit models for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. As a trusted Grow with Google partner and AWS Partner Agency, Cinci360 ensures its team is well trained for every architectural scenario. Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of site performance, and we ensure our sites are optimized for google webmaster best practices and expert authority.

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  • Aubrey Backscheider
    Aubrey Backscheider
    Aubrey Backscheider is a graduate of Purdue Polytech with a degree in Information Systems. She worked for several years as a system support engineer at IBM, and eventually created IT consulting company Cinci360 to help small businesses overcome technical challenges. She has worked and lived in Australia, Spain, Germany, Canada, and currently resides in Cincinnati Ohio with her husband and two children.

Bell Event Centre