84.51 Headquarters

Cincinnati, OH 45202

84.51° is a customer insight division of Kroger Co. in Cincinnati, Ohio purchased in 2015.1 The corporate headquarters reside at the 84.51 longitude from which the company derives its name, with branch offices in Chicago and New York City.


Founded in 2003 as a one-man offshoot of British parent Dunhumby Limited, 84.51 grew to 310 employees in 2009.  By 2010 the company occupied the former Cincinnati post office at 444 West Third Street before moving to a new headquarter building in 2015.2 The new nine-story facility was constructed by Gensler, a San Francisco–based architecture firm that focuses on client research-based design. In 2018, the adjacent flexible parking structure was converted into office space to accommodate a growing workforce.3

Current Business

84.51° turns data analytics into knowledge utilizing a sophisticated suite of tools and technology to help manufacturers develop, nurture, and embrace deeper relationships with their customers. In 2018, 84.51 sought to pursue the development of online platforms that compete with digital retailers allowing customers to purchase anything, anytime, anywhere from Kroger.4 Advanced machine learning and big data collected through customer loyalty programs have helped data scientist employees extend problem-solving benefits in the local community.5


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