Endangered Species Chocolate

In February of 2020, Endangered Species Chocolate hired Cinci360 for a private consulting session on SEO services, and to launch a new Google Ads marketing campaign. This smart campaign was to focus on their new Oat Milk Chocolate line: Oat Milk + Dark, Oat Milk + Almond, and Oat Milk + Rice Crisp.

Along with the existing web developer, Cinci360 made recommendations on landing page optimization, schema, and a Google Ads smart campaign. Higher traffic meant potentially migrating to a new server, and compressing images for speed optimization. There are many factors to consider when deciding on a new site host, including cost, server locations, and scalability. I advise most clients to try WPEngine or DreamHost if they are under 50k visitors monthly. Several overseas hosts such as Siteground have also become extremely popular.

Working with the Endangered Species Chocolate team was great, and I look forward to future SEO and Ads related projects with them!

80 Acres

In November of 2019, 80 Acres farms hired Cinci360 to redesign a website that would showcase their growing retail and restaurant locations as well as share a clear narrative of their story. The 80 Acres team also wanted a digital twin of two facilities to share with potential investors, and on their website.

Cathy and I worked through the details of an easy-to-use Elementor page design for long-term maintenance of the platform to be performed by 80 acres. By working together we crafter a location finder, advanced slider, and several woocommerce elements that created a beautiful user experience and design incorporating the digital twin of the facility. I really enjoyed working with this team and on their project.

20 Eats

20Eats and PickupEats were projects both founded by a former coworker and friend Rick Lozano. Last summer we initiated SEO work that involved creating content surrounding local business endorsements, recipes, and several additional backlink sources.

In spring of 2020 Rick’s company saw an upswing in orders, helping local restaurants deliver meals to seniors and quarentied sick families using the 20Eats delivery app. Their business model was a win-win for the times, and quickly gained traction with the local Fort Lauderdale chamber of commerce.


Nuvo360 hired Cinci360 in spring in 2020 to assist with basic SEO work. Missing from the site included a submission to Search Console, Indexing of 3D models, and a progressive web app plugin. While the lighthouse speed scores were relatively good, there were metadata entries in Yoast. I utilized Jetpack to help speed up and secure the site, as well as generate the site map.

Overall traffic to Nuvo360 has been in decline since the cruise line industry took a hit from Corvid-19, and I worked through a longer-term strategy of developing backlinks for a client whose trust and input I value.

Women Empowered

Women Empowered is a program of 1628 created in December of 2019 by Tamara Schwarting and myself. The membership-exclusive site is an incubator for female entrepreneurs and hub of resources from training to socializing. While I was familiar with Brilliant Directories, a bootstrap version of wordpress that enables users to create large robust directories, I was not prepared for how much fun engaging in the online facebook community would be. I recommend this style project for anyone on a budget and time crunch – easy to use and well supported!

Visualization Technology Services

Visualization Technology Services originally approached Cinci360 with a wix site in need of a client web portal system that integrated service offerings, a ticketing system, and eventually a site compatible as a webapp. The site was migrated in July, with ecommerce support added in the fall and eventually an offer to join the team in December.

VTS’s website presented a unique challenge from a client portal persective. Their company houses extremely large data files and keeping cost down is a challenge. I look forward to continually supporting and working on this project.

Performance Plastics

Performance Plastics website was created in 2017 with the help of Stonebridge Media using WordPress and Enfold. The client needed sections specific to their torlon aircraft tools, Endurosharp, Youtube Ads across Google Surfaces, and a facility 3D tour. The entire project took a little under five months with eight demo videos cut for trade shows, dozens of product photos captured, and ongoing virtual tour hosting.


NatrixOne Canine Supplement’s ecommerce platform was designed and constructed in summer 2019 using WordPress, Elementor, and WooCommerce. The initial product launch in October was to support one product line through online sales and Googel Surfaces. Search Optimization through schema, health articles, and testimonials was performed resulting in 7% month over month site growth.