Endangered Species Chocolate

In February of 2020, Endangered Species Chocolate hired Cinci360 for a private consulting session on SEO services, and to launch a new Google Ads marketing campaign. This smart campaign was to focus on their new Oat Milk Chocolate line: Oat Milk + Dark, Oat Milk + Almond, and Oat Milk + Rice Crisp.

Along with the existing web developer, Cinci360 made recommendations on landing page optimization, schema, and a Google Ads smart campaign. Higher traffic meant potentially migrating to a new server, and compressing images for speed optimization. There are many factors to consider when deciding on a new site host, including cost, server locations, and scalability. I advise most clients to try WPEngine or DreamHost if they are under 50k visitors monthly. Several overseas hosts such as Siteground have also become extremely popular.

Working with the Endangered Species Chocolate team was great, and I look forward to future SEO and Ads related projects with them!

80 Acres

In November of 2019, 80 Acres farms hired Cinci360 to redesign a website that would showcase their growing retail and restaurant locations as well as share a clear narrative of their story. The 80 Acres team also wanted a digital twin of two facilities to share with potential investors, and on their website.

Cathy and I worked through the details of an easy-to-use Elementor page design for long-term maintenance of the platform to be performed by 80 acres. By working together we crafter a location finder, advanced slider, and several woocommerce elements that created a beautiful user experience and design incorporating the digital twin of the facility. I really enjoyed working with this team and on their project.

Performance Plastics

Performance Plastics website was created in 2017 with the help of Stonebridge Media using WordPress and Enfold. The client needed sections specific to their torlon aircraft tools, Endurosharp, Youtube Ads across Google Surfaces, and a facility 3D tour. The entire project took a little under five months with eight demo videos cut for trade shows, dozens of product photos captured, and ongoing virtual tour hosting.


NatrixOne Canine Supplement’s ecommerce platform was designed and constructed in summer 2019 using WordPress, Elementor, and WooCommerce. The initial product launch in October was to support one product line through online sales and Googel Surfaces. Search Optimization through schema, health articles, and testimonials was performed resulting in 7% month over month site growth.

1628 LTD Currated Coworking

1628 Ltd is a Coworking office located in the historic Doctor’s Building in Cincinnati Ohio. It was founded in 2016 by Tamara Schwarting?1?. The name 1628 derives from the moment in history when the word, ‘coworking’ is first published in a book by John Jackson titled “The Worthy Church-Man.” The three-story 6000 square foot facility was chosen to for its historic background across from Piatt Park.

The contemporary interior design was completed by HighStreet design and has been recognized for its visual appeal and hospitality. 1628 coworking curates art from local art collectors, galleries, and institutions on a quarterly basis. Each time they hang a new exhibition, 1628 hosts an opening for members and artists. Installations have included:

  • Spring 2017: Elevate: Celebrating Inspiring Art In partnership with Wave Pool
  • Summer 2017: Natural Order: An exhibition of works from the Art Academy of Cincinnati
  • Fall 2017: Urban Tapestry: Photography exhibition featuring work from local photographers
  • Winter 2017: Treasures in Black & White
  • Spring 2018: The Pieces I Am
  • Summer 2018: Chro•Ma
  • Fall 2018: Behind the Mask6
  • Winter 2019: Before | Now
  • Spring 2019: /just to be alive/7
  • Summer 2019: No Vacancy

In March 2019, 1628 Ltd expanded for a second time from the original 6000 square feet to 16000 square feet, adding second and third-floor private offices.8 1628 hosts a variety of private events and meetings for companies based in Cincinnati or companies looking to grow a presence in the region including BS LLC, GraydonTDA, High StreetCushman Wakefield, HuDawn, and Annette Navarro.


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Excel Supplements

Excel Supplements is a Dietary Supplement derived from the Camelina Sativa plant intended for Equine, Livestock, and Canine use. Located in Saint Bernard, Ohio Excel was founded in 2014.

Products and components

Excel supplements are comprised in varying quantities of Omega-3 (Eicosapentaenoic Acid), Omega-6, Omega-9, Vitamin E, Camelina Polyphenols, and Olive Triterpenes (Maslinic Acid)?1?.


The Center for Biological Diversity has found that traditional pasture grazing has significant negative impacts on local biodiversity. Additionally, nutrient deficiencies caused by a lack of biodiversity is common in pasture grazing equine and livestock due to widespread environmental degradation?1?. Limited availability of vitamin E intake is associated with White Muscle Disease and autoimmune deficiencies in equine and livestock.

Proper supplement nutrition such as the vitamins found in Excel has been found to beneficially compensate for the lack of vitamins in traditional pasture grazing by veterinarians and researchers.?2? Additionally, maslinic acid is a principal source of fat found in the Mediterranean diet. The beneficial effects found in its consumption include protection against DNA damage, tumors, and cardioprotective properties.?3?

Use Cases of Excel Supplement in Equine and Livestock:


Supplement intake is generally safe, but research is still ongoing with regard to what health effects dietary supplements have. Evidence of health effects of supplements comes largely from prospective cohort studies which evaluate health differences between groups that take supplements and groups that do not. Correlations between supplement intake and health found by such studies may not result from supplements themselves but may reflect underlying characteristics of supplement-takers. The Office of Dietary Supplements of the United States National Institutes of Health, the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate of Canada, and the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia alongside public and private research groups maintain research databases that provide evidence-based reviews, population studies, and ingredient databases available to the public.

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