3D Virtual Tour Capture

Google Street View (Great for Outdoors)

With over 6000 photos and 70 million views, Cinci360 is the top photographer for Google Street View in Cincinnati. Google Maps photography enables viewers to see inside a facility before deciding to visit. Most customers find a company on maps first, and Google Street View can help a visitor decide if your business is right for them.

Matterport (Perfect for Real Estate)

Matterport technology combines 134MP resolution photography and a structure light sensor to bring you the best of the photography and 3D scanning worlds. By seamlessly overlaying both models, Matterport’s smooth tour experience draws clients in and is perfect for retail and recruitment.

Cupix (Construction & Large Spaces)

Cupix is a state-of-the art software platform helping architects, engineers, contractors, and facilities management modernize their workflow. When combined with a BIM model or brought into Autodesk, Cupix becomes a powerful tool that enables teams to review a space over any period of time and import BIM assets. Their measurement, annotation, and form features are designed with large projects in mind, and Cupix can quickly settle clash detection or tag assets across a facility of an size. Call for a demo today!




Early scanning technology used laser measurements, an altimeter, a compass, and angle encoders to generate 3D data of any space. Today’s Structured light scanners use an infrared light plane to skim surfaces and generate 3D data. This is cheaper and faster technology that now often include HDR photography for texture data. Future devices (LeicaBLK GO) combined with a drone will further simplify workflow and ease of capture to make 3D modeling ubiquitous with photography.  3D Virtual Tour Benefits include:

  • Collaborate seamlessly with teams around the globe
  • 4 Minute Average page session duration
  • Tag Point of Sale, eCommerce, video demonstrations, menus, products, retail pricing
  • APIs that integrate across any platform

With 2 in every 3 consumers look for local businesses on Google Maps. 3D Mapping benefits are far-reaching and include:

  • Publish directly to Google Maps/Earth to grow consumer confidence.
  • Page Session duration on 3D Map averages 3-4 minutes.
  • Facilitate Risk Management procedures with Emergency Response personnel for any facility.
  • Excellent source of recruitment to save the travel cost of visiting space.
  • Virtual staging tools to visualize a project and collaborate with designers
  • Collaborate with multiple vendors online for event layout
  • Cinci360 has over 60 million views on Google maps!

Additional information

Square Footage

0-3000, 3000-10,000, 10,000-25,000, 25,000-50,000, 50,000+


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