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Google Ads are campaigns that enable internet users to more easily find your product across all facest of Google. This can include Youtube, Search, Merchant Center, and Google Maps. Running Ads and tracking them in Search Console enables a total view of where your clients are finding you most, and where your marketing dollars are best spent.

Google Surfaces lets you deliver rich product information across Google and reach customers when they’re looking for your products. Showing your products on surfaces across Google is free, and enables a more effective Ads campaign. Surfaces enables users to buy your products from wherever they are on Google. Whether they’re searching for a product, watching a related video, comparing images, or talking to their assistant, Google’s universal shopping cart makes it easy to shop and instantly purchase your products.

Landing Page Optimization is a critical part of effective Ads campaigns. Without a landing page that speaks AND follows Google Webmaster best practices, you could be throwing your ads dollars down the drain. Our technical optimization will include all metadata, headers, and a TDF/IF score to ensure your landing page reaps the highest organic traffic benefits.




Setting Up a Google Ads Campaign:

  1. Pick your Ads Medium and Goal (one per campaign). Search, Youtube, Merchant, and Google Maps each have Ads programs to enroll in!
  2. Set your Geographic bid strategy & budget
  3. Research Keywords & set Keyword Match Type
  4. Create Ads using keywords to achieve Goal: Be clear about what you are promoting, with your main keyword in your headline. Be relevant by offering a solution and matching the description to the headline. Match the ad to the landing page, ensuring it is mobile ready.
  5. Provide necessary media content for ad.
  6. Submit Ad for approval.

Google Ads Terminology

  1. Keywords:These are the words or phrases that people type into Google Search, which trigger your ad to appear. When setting up an ad campaign, you’ll pick a list of keywords that you think people might search for when they want what you have to offer (and don’t worry: we can help).
  2. Bid:This is the maximum amount you’re willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad. (Since, with Google Ads, you don’t pay to show up — only when someone clicks on your ad to visit your site or call you.)
  3. Quality Score:This metric tells you how relevant your keywords are to your ad — and to your landing page (i.e. the webpage where people will be taken when they click your ad). A good Quality Score can lower your bid costs and improve your ad rank in the search results.
  4. Ad Rank:This metric helps determine where your ad will show up, relative to other ads, when it’s triggered to appear on Google. Your rank is determined using your bid, your Quality Score, and other factors.
  5. CPC (cost-per-click):The actual amount you pay when someone clicks on your ad. (You don’t necessarily pay your entire bid price for every click — that just sets up a range of possible costs-per-click you might pay.)
  6. Conversion:A conversion takes place when someone who has clicked your ad goes on to take another action you’ve designated as important — like making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or calling you.

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